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Welcome to Legendsland!
Hello my dear friends! If you came here by accident, you probably are wondering what You will find here? Am I right? I think I am. Well, then a few words about my website. The first thing you should know, this site is my hobby and I build it and work on design by  myself.. So if you are profy, please don't scold me hard if find some bugs :) Accepting advices for improvement of the website:) Next. My website contains adult content, as it is also part of my hobby and main source of income.. So I do not recommend the website to be viewed  by guys   which didn't reach 18 years old... come back when you grow up to right age  and don't get mad at me:) Then. What is the website for adults without extra entertainment? I work hard on the fan area and relaxation area on my website:) Kind of  clubs by interests: with photo and video galleries, a kitchen, a bar, games etc... I sincerely hope that You will be a regular visitor of my site. With best wishes, Your La . Welcome to Legendsland!



My guardian is always with me.